Tank Locating

Tips on locating your underground oil tank

You’ve been told there’s an underground tank on your property but you don’t know where.
What can you do?

Check for some visual signs and evidence. Look for an abandoned oil piping, copper fuel line in your basement, or patches/marks on the foundation wall where such lines could have been removed. On the outside of the house usually there was an old vent pipe that was fastened vertically along side of the house. These vent pipes are about 1 ½ to ¾ inch galvanized piping. The fill cap to the oil tank is sticking out from the ground.

If the above method is not successful, call Filco, and we will bring out a metal detector to attempt to find the fill cap to the tank which is often just below the surface. If isn’t successful, we use our sophisticated electronic equipment or ground penetrating radar.