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Filco, Environmental Tank Services specializes in residential oil tank removal and environmental services.  We are fully licensed and insured to perform all aspects of oil tank removal, tank decommission, oil tank installations, tank replacement, and locating underground storage tanks, plus soil and groundwater remediation.  We can handle all aspects of leaking oil tanks and work with insurance companies and Washington State Pollution Liability Agency.  We have been servicing neighborhoods in Seattle, north to Everett, east to Preston, and south to Tacoma.


Filco, Environmental Tank Services is a highly trained, experienced hands-on company. The staff can assist and inform you of your options and your responsibilities in regards to your tank. All work performed meets Federal, State and local agencies requirements. Having decommissioned over thousands of underground storage tanks, results in knowledge and experience unmatched in our industry.

Safety is our number one priority, our staff attends weekly safety meetings, and they are up to date with their First Aid and CPR training.  Not only is our staff licensed, insured and bonded, and but they are certified by the International Fire Code Institute.  All employees periodically take random drug tests to ensure that our employees are drug-free.

At Filco, Environmental Tank Services, we provide our employees a generous health, vision and dental benefits, with paid holidays and vacation.


Filco Company, Inc., originated in 1980 as a sole proprietorship and incorporated in 1990. Originally Filco Company, Inc., started its business by working with Homeowners, Realtors, Mortgage Companies, Inspection Companies, etc., and assisting them in providing home repair services to aid them in the sale of residential homes and commercial buildings. In 1994 we began acquiring jobs to decommission abandoned residential heating oil tanks. As the request increased, by 1995 Filco Company, Inc., decided to focus strictly on decommissioning heating oil tanks and provide environmental services.



ICC/ International Fire Code Institute

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured